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Are you seeking to add a touch of sophistication or practical elegance to your Paddington residence? Look no further. We specialise in a comprehensive selection of blinds & window furnishings ranging from classic curtains to modern motorised blinds. Each product is meticulously crafted to meet the highest style, quality, and functionality standards.


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Paddington stands out as a hub of style and comfort. To complement this, our diverse range of window furnishings, like blinds, shutters and awnings, are designed to enhance both the beauty and practicality of your living or working space. We understand the unique needs of Paddington residents, offering solutions that deliver aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

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Our Blinds & Products

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Curtains in Paddington

Crafted to perfection, our range of curtains uplifts your home's aesthetic and offers incredible functionality. With a wide selection of fabrics and styles, you'll find the perfect curtain to add a touch of elegance to any room in your Paddington house. Our quality products are the ideal window furnishings for those seeking excellent service and unique designs.


Awnings in Paddington

Stay cool in the Paddington sun with our top-quality awnings. Designed with quality materials to offer maximum UV protection while enhancing your outdoor space, our awnings go the extra mile to ensure great service and practicality.

outdoor blinds

Outdoor Blinds in Paddington

From cellular blinds to light filtering options, our outdoor blinds offer the ultimate control over your exterior living spaces. These window blinds are a Paddington homeowner's dream, providing a great option for everything from sun protection to privacy. Take advantage of our free in-home measure service for a custom fit.

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Roller Blinds in Paddington

Sleek, modern, and effortlessly stylish roller blinds are increasingly becoming the go-to for many Paddington blinds enthusiasts. Perfect for residential and commercial spaces in Paddington, these roller blinds offer many functions. Not only do they serve as excellent window blinds for light control, but their aesthetic appeal is also second to none. Roller blinds are an exemplary option if you're looking for blinds that meld form and function.

sydney roman blinds

Roman Blinds in Paddington

Bring a touch of classic elegance to your home with our Roman blinds. Tailored to your specific needs, these blinds offer both beauty and functionality. Available in various high-quality fabrics, they are an ideal choice for any room, offering excellent service and durability.

venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds in Paddington

Venetian blinds provide excellent light control and a sense of privacy, a timeless option that suits any interior design. Made from quality materials, they are ideal for any room in your Paddington property, whether the office or the living room.

skylight blinds in sydney

Skylight Blinds in Paddington

Illuminate your living spaces naturally without the glare. Our skylight blinds are a sublime addition for homes looking to make the most of Paddington radiant sunshine. Light-filtering blinds are trendy among interior designers for their quality and functionality.

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Vertical Blinds in Paddington

Vertical blinds are a match made in heaven for sliding doors and large windows. Their excellent service and high-quality materials offer superb light control and can be customised to fit any décor in your shop or house.

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Zebra Blinds in Paddington

Achieve that cutting-edge look with our zebra blinds. Offering the perfect blend of light and privacy, these quality blinds are truly one-of-a-kind and can be customised to suit your measure.

sydney custom blinds

Custom Blinds in Paddington

Customisation is key in Australia, where homes often have unique window and door dimensions. Looking for something unique? We offer custom blinds that can be tailored to fit your specific needs and design aesthetic. Our many free quotes and in-home measure and install services ensure your vision and expertise.

motorised blinds in sydney

Motorised Blinds in Paddington

Enjoy ultimate convenience with free installation of our motorised blinds. Control light and privacy at the touch of a button, making life easier for Paddington residents. These high-quality blinds offer excellent service and can be installed professionally.

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Blockout Blinds in Paddington

Get complete darkness when you need it most. Our blockout blinds are perfect for bedrooms or any space requiring full light control. Experience great service from measure to install, with blinds designed for quality and functionality.

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Cafe Blinds in Paddington

Create that cosy café atmosphere right in your home or business with our cafe blinds. These blinds make every room feel more special, perfect for indoor and outdoor dining spaces. With a free, made-to-measure and a wide selection of styles, your Paddington space will radiate charm and quality.

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Ready for a home makeover that speaks volumes? Whether you crave the timeless charm of Venetian blinds or the contemporary flair of motorised blind options, we’ve got something for every style. Our offerings don’t just serve a functional purpose; they are an extension of your personality and a reflection of your taste.


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Why wait to live in the space you’ve always dreamed of? That dream can become a reality today with our diverse blinds and window furnishings. Embark on a transformative journey that begins with a simple click and ends with a stunning Paddington space that is uniquely yours.

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